20 Movies And Shows That Are Red Flags When Dating Men

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If these are his faves, run for the hills!

Red flag movies aren’t bad movies, but they’re definitely telling ones when they’re being hailed as a guy’s favorite.

There are definitely more than a few problematic things going on in these TV shows and films that might make you think twice about hanging out with a guy who stans them too hard.

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Don’t believe me? See what other people are saying about these picks.



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Is it an entertaining movie? Sure. Is it entirely maniacal? Also yes. Aspiring to drug lord status is not an item for my Tinder profile, but you do you, I guess.


American Psycho

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Looking up to a guy who is all about greed and treats women like garbage? No thanks.


Fight Club

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Most of the men who fanatically love Fight Club don’t get it, and it shows. If you walked away admiring Tyler Durden, keep walking.


Pulp Fiction

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Name a woman who hasn’t had Pulp Fiction (and its misogyny) mansplained to her, and I’ll show you a woman who is lying or has been out of the dating game since the ’90s.


V for Vendetta

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V uses the only person in his life, who he kidnapped, as bait for a disgusting predator, and that’s just one of his many bad qualities.


The Punisher

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Fellas, thou shalt not identify with a toxic ragemonster.


A Clockwork Orange

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This movie just feels like violence for the sake of violence. The subversion of any violence against women is not something you really want someone you’re considering as a romantic prospect to co-sign.


The Social Network

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The Social Network paints Mark Zuckerberg as the uncomfortably nerdy nerd who strikes it big and makes friends and enemies along the way. We know a little bit more about Zuck now, and if you’re still fanboying, it’s a no here.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

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Scott Pilgrim is not a role model, dear reader, but a lot of people lost the message with super-likable Michael Cera portraying the role. The age gap you thought wasn’t so bad is so bad, and you really see that watching the movie as an adult. There’s just too much nice-guy cringe to note.


Family Guy

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Family Guy, like South Park, is designed to strike a nerve, which comes down to what you find funny in a lot of instances. But it takes it a toxic step further by centering gross ideals of masculinity and making women the punchline of too many jokes.


500 Days of Summer

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500 Days of Summer as a favorite gives big “nice guys always finish last” energy, but 9 times out of 10 the nice guy is not all that nice and ends up really ignoring boundaries.


My Little Pony

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Bronies have ruined childhood MLP memories for one too many people.


50 Shades of Grey

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If you think this film encapsulates how sex in a relationship, let alone how BDSM sex in a relationship, works, you’re 50 shades of absurd. This one is pretty toxic regardless of gender, TBH.


The Wolf of Wall Street

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The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that countered arguments of its misogyny with the fact that it was contextually accurate… So there’s that. The women of this film lack depth and serve largely as more noise in these men’s larger-than-life lifestyle.


Rick & Morty

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Some shows just attract a toxic fandom, and Rick and Morty is for sure one of them. A lot of guys praise Rick’s toxicity without at all acknowledging any of the moments of self-realization (that are later zapped away in the name of laughs).



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We all know a guy who has taken on the Joker as his alter ego. Some of them are looking for their Harley Quinn, and others are watching the world burn, but neither of them is anyone I’d encourage you to swipe right on.


The Boondock Saints

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The Boondock Saints is one of those films that is so filled with violence and gore that it’s inherently supposed to be nOt FoR gIrLs. But what’s scarier is that women barely exist in this white male power trip daydream, so…



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Braveheart and 300 are definitely neck and neck when it comes to war movies that bring out the worst in some men. And again, nothing wrong with either film inherently. It’s the way men personalize and internalize it that becomes icky.


Garden State

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If you were a teen when you saw Garden State, chances are you thought it was d e e p. You’re not a teen anymore, though, and it’s a marathon of uncomfortable male behavior. It also has some outdated takes on mental illness that no one should subscribe to in today’s day and age.


American History X

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American History X is a prime example of a movie that goes the distance to teach you a lesson, but people inexplicably walk away from having gotten the wrong message.

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