5 Ideas for Capturing Breathtaking Woodland Photography

Capturing photographs in the woods can be a fulfilling practical experience, and I have fond memories of wandering by the forest with my camera in hand. Nonetheless, finding a superior composition can be a problem and at times tense.

When I very first started off photographing in the woods, I discovered it to be like a chaotic puzzle with no resolution. But in excess of time, I created a handful of methods, the two technological and psychological, that have helped me. In this report, I will share these 5 approaches with you in hopes that they will support you on your images journey.


One very simple way to capture the attractiveness of trees and forest scenes is by way of isolation. By separating particular person trees from the encompassing clutter, you can create visually breathtaking images. You can reach this by obtaining a solitary tree that stands out from the many others, maybe on a hill or in a industry.

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Alternatively, you can acquire benefit of organic disorders that support isolation, these kinds of as fog, which adds depth to the woods and simplifies the scene. Very low direct gentle can also aid you isolate a matter by highlighting a solitary tree or department, when the rest of the forest fades into shadow.

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A telephoto lens can also be employed to focus on a single tree or branch, emphasizing very simple shapes and strains that are pleasing to the eye.


Utilizing framing aspects is the 2nd idea that can greatly enhance your forest pictures. In my experience, this system labored wonders when I captured the beautiful Fanal Forest in Madeira. The notion is to find a clear background tree or a group of trees and use a foreground tree or branch to frame the qualifications.

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A large-angle lens functions most effective for this system, and you need to get near to the foreground tree even though making certain that there are no intersecting lines in the history. It is crucial to retain the composition neat and cost-free of any interruptions about the edges of the frame. The framing features ought to pull the viewer into the scene instead than distract them from it.

Constructing Compositions

Do not just consider a swift snap of a tree and go on to the up coming spot. Take some additional time to glimpse all-around and see if you can increase your composition or alter your technique to the image. Just take a search at these two illustrations or photos, for example. The two aspect the precise exact same trees, but in the second graphic, I bought shut to the opening of the remaining tree to generate a framing element.

michael shainblum photo

michael shainblum photo

Now, each visuals have their have special tale to convey to, and I like them for distinctive good reasons. It’s amazing how a small adjustment can wholly improve the narrative of a picture. Developing your compositions will take time, so choose a shot and evaluate it on playback to see how you can enhance the photograph by adding or removing factors.


Woodland images demands complete scouting. Individually, I frequented the Fanal forest 4 different moments, spending hrs and hrs exploring. I leveraged Google Maps to pinpoint and mark various trees that I might want to photograph, and I took reference images on my cellular phone.

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This method was priceless to me and one of the factors I was equipped to capture wonderful pictures. Despite the fact that the conditions had been wonderful at dawn, the scene was also chaotic. Without the need of prior scouting, I am not confident if I would have been ready to seize a great deal.

Take it easy!

Pictures is meant to be a pressure-relieving action, not just one that provides to your stress and anxiety. When I was in this grove, the rapidly transforming conditions and fog commenced to overwhelm me. I would hurry to a hill to capture the fog, and by the time I established up, it would be gone. The very same detail would take place once more when I ran to another spot wherever I noticed the fog forming. This cat-and-mouse game was really annoying, and it hindered my creative imagination. It wasn’t until finally I took a deep breath, relaxed, and embraced the distinct problems that I started to have enjoyable here. I could sit down, value the scenery, and make extra calculated conclusions on how to seize it.

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Furthermore, by waiting patiently and enjoyable, the fog returned to the place I was in, and I was capable to photograph it. At the close of the day, landscape images should really be pleasant, irrespective of irrespective of whether you finish up with a photograph or not. I hope these guidelines will aid you not only with your composition but also with your mentality when it will come to woodland pictures. Just like anything at all else, using good photos demands follow and endurance. So get out there, experiment, and recall to have enjoyable!

About the Author: Michael Shainblum is a photographer, filmmaker, and educator centered in San Francisco, California. He has been working skillfully as a photographer and filmmaker for 17 yrs given that the age of 16. He has been commissioned by purchasers these as Disney, Nike, Samsung, Apple, and Google. He also shares his expertise through his Youtube Channel, Instagram, and workshops. This tale was also printed listed here.