Artists and craftsmen gather for annual Texas Arts and Crafts fair

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many of the best artists and craftsmen in Texas will gather in the hill country on Saturday and Sunday for the annual Texas Arts and Crafts fair up in Ingram, Texas.

This is the “official” Texas Arts and Crafts fair as decreed by the state legislature back in 1972.

“More than 50 years ago, the state tourism development agency decided Texas needed a big arts and crafts fair to compete with the likes of Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma,” says Wanda Cash, event director.

A statewide search was conducted and the city of Kerrville was selected for its beautiful hill country location on the Guadalupe River.

The festivities were held on the campus of Schreiner University for the first 30 year and were later moved to nearby Ingram Texas.

The fair, which is expected to host 120 texas artists and craftsmen this year, is now held on the grounds of the Hill Country Arts Foundation along the banks of the Guadalupe.

“We have charcoal artists, fine artists,” says Cash. “We have potters. We have jewelry makers. We have wind chime makers. We have people who carve gourds. We have basketmakers. We have weavers who make beautiful wall art and home accessories and wearables like shawls and tunics.”

You’ll find something to fit every budget.

“There is fine art that can range from 3 to 5 to 6-thousand dollars and then there are prints that can go for 10 dollars,” said Cash.” Earrings that can be made of gold and diamonds that are very expensive or less expensive ones.”
Heritage artists like Amado Pena are featured every year in the main gallery. He’s famous for his southwestern themes – works with bold designs and bright colors. He’s been showing at the fair for nearly 50 years and he always draws a crowd.

“He exhibits with us every year, but he just doesn’t exhibit, he also works from here,” says Cash. “He sets up an easel and a table and he produces art. He draws, he paints, and people can stand over his shoulder and watch as this genius works and also purchase his work.“

Along with art, there will be lots of entertainment.

“So, there’ll be different performers every hour, ranging from bluegrass to rock-n-roll, to fiddlers, to solo bookers,” says Cash.

The stage will be set up in the center of “Stonehenge Two,” the art foundation’s concrete replica of the ancient ruins in Great Britain.

Food trucks will offer a taste of everything from barbecue to Mexican fusion cuisine and there will be all sorts of art-related activities and demonstrations to watch.

Admission is free for students under 18 and tickets for adults are just $5, so you can bring the whole family for a great weekend of fun without breaking the bank.