Arts Foundation discusses community project with commissioners

Guernsey County Commissioners, from left, Dave Wilson, Skip Gardner and Jack Marlin toured the hallway at the County Administration Building with Carol Wilcox-Jones of the Salt Fork Arts & Crafts Festival and Ohio Arts & Crafts Foundation President Brenda Taylor looking for potential location for a mural.

Representatives of the Ohio Arts & Crafts Foundation and Salt Fork Arts & Crafts Festival met with Guernsey County commissioners Monday to discuss a potential community art project.

The project would be funded through a grant by the Ohio Arts Council.

Foundation President Brenda Taylor and Carol Wilcox-Jones inquired if the county would be interested in such a project with all of the funding provided by the Ohio Arts Council’s Community Project Award.

If chosen, the grant would provide $10,000 to $15,000 for the design of an art project by a professional artist and the completion of the work by local artists.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Commissioner Jack Marlin.

Taylor and Wilcox-Jones asked if commissioners would be amenable to having a mural or banner painted in the Guernsey County Administration Building or the courthouse on Wheeling Avenue in downtown Cambridge.