“Coco” Is The Best Pixar Movie And Here’s Why

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I double dog dare you to watch this movie and not cry at the end.

Hi there. Quick question: What’s your favorite Pixar movie?

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What’s that? You said your favorite is Coco? Mine too! (If you said anything other than Coco, you’re 100% wrong. Sorry.)

Yeah, that’s right: Coco is the best Pixar movie ever made. Toy Story 2? More like Toy Story who? Wall-E? I don’t know her.

Disney / Pixar / Everett Collection

I know when you think about movie moments that made you cry, so many people mention the first 15 minutes of Up. But good LORD, nothing makes me sob more than seeing Mamá Coco spark her memory and sing “Remember Me.”


I am a GROWN MAN, I am IN MY THIRTIES, and this scene right here made me CRY like an ACTUAL TODDLER.

And as a fan of movie musicals, I’m delighted that Coco is an actual Pixar musical. It’s the only one! You could mayyyyyybe count Soul, but Coco is the only Pixar movie where characters sing songs, ya know?

Oh, and one of those songs, “Remember Me,” won a friggin’ OSCAR. These songs are catchy as heck!

Wasn’t there another award that Coco won at the Oscars? Oh yeah, it was a little category called BEST ANIMATED FEATURE.

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Personally, I would also give it an award for Most Rewatchable Movie. There are so many little details that you don’t notice the first time through! Like, consider this detail that the guitar had a gold tooth on the neck, hinting that it was Héctor’s guitar all along!

Or you might notice that the Land of the Dead begins with structures resembling Mesoamerican pyramids, but the buildings get more modern as you go up the towers.

Disney / Pixar / Everett Collection

And it’s just so ~satisfying~ too! I love when a bad guy gets his comeuppance. And the themes about family and keeping our loved ones in our memory? Perfection.

So basically, Coco is the best Pixar movie, and anyone who disagrees will be smacked with a shoe. That is all.

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