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Many homeowners set up their homes because they spent so much time at home during the pandemic. According to the Home Advisor’s 2021 State of Home Spending report, home renovation spending increased by an average of $ 745 per household in 2020.

Faced with travel bans and social distance guidelines, many homeowners pivoted in 2020 and spent money on home renovations that they originally planned to spend on vacation.

Many such projects required the services of professional contractors, but other projects, including the most popular of the 5,000 homeowners who participated in the Home Advisor report, were the efforts of do-it-yourselfers. ..

It not only gave homeowners a new look to their homes, but also gave them something to do during quarantine.

Below are five of the most popular home renovation projects in 2020, according to the Home Advisor report.

1. Interior painting: Just under 35% of participants report that they started an interior painting project in 2020. Interior painting projects are great for DIY, but homeowners can also rely on skilled professionals to do this task.

2. Bathroom Remodeling: Real estate professionals regularly report how much they like the updated bathroom. So it’s no wonder that about 31% of homeowners who participated in the Home Advisor report said they had renovated their bathrooms in 2020.

3. Flooring: During the pandemic, the floor gained a lot of extra traffic, so it’s not surprising that the flooring project became popular in 2020. More than a quarter of the participants told Home Advisor that their home was renewed with a new floor. Pandemic.

4. Landscaping: Many homeowners took them to their gardens because they had nowhere else to go to escape their day-to-day work in 2020. Twenty-four percent of those homeowners reported making their backyard hideouts more attractive by repairing or upgrading landscaping outside the home. In fact, the average homeowner reports that they completed 3.4 landscaping projects in 2020.

5. Kitchen: Another project that makes sense given the situation, kitchen remodeling was the fifth most popular home renovation project in 2020. Restaurant closures and social distance guidelines have led many to eat more often than other methods, just under 23%. A percentage of homeowners report refurbishing their kitchens in 2020.

As the world gradually moves out of the pandemic, many homeowners who find remodeling bugs during the quarantine will feel like a whole new home.

Five Most Popular Refurbishment Projects During a Pandemic – Reading Eagle

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