Ice-T was shocked to obtain out that the new music field ‘is all fake’

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, rapper and longtime Law & Purchase SVU actor Ice-T mirrored on what stunned him when he first obtained into the music field in the mid ‘80s. The main shock was that musicians weren’t in fact residing the lives they portrayed in their films.

“The most important issue that stunned me about music is you could lie. I mean, I was observing music video clips, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s their house. Which is their automobile. That is their female.’ Then when I received in there, like, oh, you can rent a auto. MTV Cribs, ‘You do not have to have this house, we’ll place you in a house that’s not yours.’ I’m like, this is all fake, you know. And I didn’t know that. And when I obtained in there, you know, I constantly had to use my have autos.”

Ice-T pointed to the protect of his 1988 album, Electric power, as proof that he was trying to keep it real.

“That’s my female,” Ice-T stated, pointing to the album Colbert was holding. “That’s my son’s mom, Darlene, those are my guns, and that was my daily life at that time, you know? And, hey, I did not know you could lie. I was like, what?”

And he went on to expose other ways in which musicians embellish their life in new music films.

“They’ll occur and place jewellery on you for the video clip, and then choose it again,” Ice-T explained. “Or you received all the girls in the jacuzzi, and their boyfriends are sitting down ideal out of body, waiting on them, like…So I was coming from a real entire world, Steve. I did not know about this. Present small business is so bogus.”

Video clip Transcript


ICE-T: The greatest matter that shocked me about new music was could lie. I mean–

STEPHEN COLBERT: What do you mean?

ICE-T: I was watching tunes movies. I’m like oh, that is their household. Which is their car. That’s their girl. And then when I received in there, like oh, you can hire a vehicle.

KYLIE MAR: Ice-T joined “The Late Clearly show with Stephen Colbert” Wednesday where by the rapper and longtime “Law and Order SVU” actor mirrored on revelations he’d had when he commenced his tunes occupation in the mid ’80s.

ICE-T: I am like this is all faux. And I failed to know that. And when I acquired in there, I normally experienced to use my very own autos. I had a rhyme where by I claimed I rap about girls I ain’t caught, guns I ain’t shot, or items I ain’t purchased. The match to me is too deep. If I did, I actually believe that I might die in my rest.

KYLIE MAR: Ice-T pointed to the cover of his 1988 album “Electrical power” as evidence of his commitment to getting genuine.

ICE-T: I have constantly been held to the code of currently being straightforward.

STEPHEN COLBERT: So let us chat about this go over ideal below, Ok.

ICE-T: That’s my girl.

STEPHEN COLBERT: That is your lady.

ICE-T: That is my son’s mom’s. Which is Darlene. Those people are my guns, and that was my lifestyle at that time. And hey, I didn’t know you could lie. I was like, what?

KYLIE MAR: And besides properties and cars, Ice-T pointed out some of the other methods musicians provide an alternate fact in their videos.

ICE-T: They will come and place jewellery on you for the online video and then acquire it back again. Or, you’ve received all the women in the Jacuzzi and their boyfriends are sitting ideal out of frame waiting around on them like–