Indiana County Fair results: Arts and crafts | Community News

Results are provided by the Indiana County Fair.


Wreaths 24” Max Pine Cone: John Clark Bruner, first; Abigail Bruner, second; Lilly Mano, third

Plastic Canvas: Michelle Fleming, first; Abigail Bruner, second

Wreath Other (Max 24in): Moire Bridges, first; Abigail Bruner, second; Jessica Sisko, third

Ceramic/Bisque Doll: Natasha Davis, first

Soft Sculpture Doll: Moire Bridges, first

Crocheted Creative Doll: Christy Learn, first; Lexi Winckler, second; Bethany George, third

Natural Materials Creative Doll: Moire Bridges, first

Fabric Doll Creative Doll: Sylvia Dunbar, first; Deidre Smith, second; E. C., third

Fabric Doll Animal: Julie Nist, first; Moire Bridges, second; Sylvia Dunbar, third

Basketry Natural Materials 6”: Wendy Sturiale, first

Basketry Natural Materials 12”: Wendy Sturiale, first

Decorative Basketry Max 18”: Wendy Sturiale, first

Decorative Wall Basketry Max 18”: Wendy Sturiale, first

Decorative Basket Combin 12”: Michelle Schramko, first; Lilly Mano, third

Hand Thrown Finished Ceramic: Kayla Percic, second; Devona Percic, third

Hand Built Finished Ceramic: Devona Percic, first; Kayla Percic, second

Cast Stained Ceramic: Pam Myers, second

China Painting: Natasha Davis, first

Handbag Leather Work: M. C., first

Small Articles Leather Work: M. C., first; Mary F. Douglas, third

Macrame Wall Hanging 2×4: Ruth Smith, second

Fabric Wall Hanging 2×4: Moire Bridges, first; Vivian Regester, second; Mary Tranchine, third

Chip-carved, Trivet or Medalli: Edward Cochran, second

Hand Carved Wooden Under 6”: Edward Cochran, first; Matthew Bartus, second

Hand Carved Wooden Over 6” Woodwork: Matthew Bartus, first; Cheryl Smith, second; Edward Cochran, third

Lathe Turned Under 36”: Edward Cochran, third

Shepherd’s Staff over 36 in.: Edward Cochran, third

3-D Paper Tole framed ready to hang: Virginia Fry, second; Karen Geschke, third

Stained Glass Sun Catchers 12”: Pamela Johnson, third

String Art: Natasha Davis, second

Pixel/Mosaic Wall Art: Mary Nist, first; Jean Cochran, second; Devona Percic, third

Pixel/Mosaic Wall Art: Mary Nist, first; Louisa Fordyce, second; Kayla Percic, third

Small (Less Than 120 inches) counted cross stitch pictures: Mary Nist, first; David Johnston, second; Theresa Leszczynski, third

Medium (129 inches-320 inches) counted cross stitch pictures: Linda K. Marshall, first; Mary Nist, second; Esther Corbett, third

Pysanky Chicken: Moire Bridges, first; Matthew Bartus, second; Michelle Fleming, third

Pysanky Goose: Michelle Fleming, first

Paintings — Acrylics: Diana Smith, first; Mabel J Rummel, third

Water Colors: Henry Rummel, first; Timothy Toy, second; Vivian Regester, third

Paintings — Oil Color: Diana Smith, third

Drawings — Charcoal: Sadie Palfrey, second

Drawings — Pen & Ink: Tammy McGee, first; Timothy Toy, second

Drawings — Pencil: Matthew Bartus, first; Krystle Williams, second

Colored Pencil: Sadie Palfrey, second; Delia Salser, third

Adult Coloring Pg.8×10 Framed: Krystle Williams, first; Natasha Davis, second; Barbara Nist, third

Faberge Eggs Duck: Chanin Adams, first

Faberge Eggs Chicken: Chanin Adams, first

Faberge Eggs Ostrich: Chanin Adams, first

Tea Bag Fold: Michelle Fleming, first; Louise Buchanan, second

Iris Folding Greeting Card: Liz Weigner, first; Louise Buchanan, second; Karen Geschke, third

Stamped Greeting Card: Louise Buchanan, first; Karen Geschke, second; Liz Weigner, third

Punch Greeting Card: Helen Robinson, first; Louise Buchanan, second; Liz Weigner, third

Quill Greeting Card: Virginia Fry, first; Mya Calhoun, second

Misc. Greeting Card: Helen Robinson, first; Natasha Davis, second; Gladys Trimble, third

Origami Sculpture: Devona Percic, first; Kayla Percic, second; Michael Penzes, third

Scrapbook 12×12: Helen Robinson, first

Scrapbook 8×8: Helen Robinson, first

Scrapbook Page 12×12: Helen Robinson, second

Scrapbook Page 8×8: Helen Robinson, first

Small Article Under 8in: Abigail Bruner, first; Natasha Davis, second; Devona Percic, third

Large Article Over 8in: Kayla Percic, first; M. C., second; Natasha Davis, third

Christmas Tree Ornament: Moire Bridges, first; Mary Tranchine, second; Gladys Trimble, third


Black & White Landscapes: Deidre Smith, first; Bailee Britton, second

Black & White — People: Caelie Jones, first; Deidre Smith, second; Tiffany Cook, third

Black & White — Animals: Deidre Smith, first; Jenna Thacker, second; Stephany Flynn, third

Black & White — Still Life: M. C., first; Deidre Smith, second; Devona Percic, third

Black & White — Indiana Fair: Heather Barnhart, first; Stephany Flynn, second; Devona Percic, third

Color- Landscapes: Chanin Adams, first; Heather Barnhart, second; Stella Rummel, third

Color- People: Louisa Fordyce, first; Scott Griffith, second; Andrew Sandeen, third

Color- Animals: Louisa Fordyce, first; Benjamin Leonard, second; Nicole Stewart, third

Color- Still Life: Teresa Allshouse, first; Diana Smith, second; Scott Griffith, third

Color- Indiana Fair: Karen Amndor, first; Joan Park, second; Heather Barnhart, third

Contests — Scarecrow Contest — Adult Old Time: Tiffany Cook, first; Natasha Davis, second

Scarecrow Contest

Youth Creative: Natalie VanHorn, first; Bradyn Weaver, second; Emily Barker, third

Adult Creative: Jim Davis, first; Natasha Davis, second; Michael Penzes, third

Youth Fair Poster

Age Group 8-11: Julia Fabin, first

Age Group 15-18: Alaina Fabin, first

Book Cover Contest

J — Premium Book Cover Contest: Krystle Williams, first

Lead Line Contest

Tiny Tot- Girls up to 8 yrs old: Audi Small, first; Carlie Lydic, second

Junior Girls- 9-12 yrs: Kersey Calhoun, first

Intermediate Boys 13-16 yrs: John Clark Bruner, first

Ladies Lead 17 Yrs & Older: Elizabeth H. Bruner, first; Abigail Bruner, second


Light Extracted Honey 1-Quart: Vickie Slomski, first; Walt Slomski, second; Nathan Sykes, third

Dk Amber Extract 1-Quart: Vickie Slomski, first; Walt Slomski, second

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup 1qt. Container: Nathan Sykes, first

Antique Tools & Equipment

Farm Antique Tools/Equipment: William Zagrodnichek, first; Jim Davis, second; Julie Pore, third; Dale Pore, fourth; Tammy Davis, fifth

Domestic Antique Tool/Equip.: Sue Douglas, first; Jim Davis, second; Tammy Davis, third; Jim Watta, fourth; Natasha Davis, fifth