Top visual art exhibits coming to the Sarasota area this year

Top visual art exhibits coming to the Sarasota area this year

The visual art party has started again. Missed your invitation? No sweat. The party is still going on.

Area art museums and art groups are once again exhibiting in the real world – and not just virtually. They started this spring, and plan to keep it up as long as possible. Here’s a sneak peak at what they’ve planned for the rest of 2021. See these exhibits while you can, and don’t procrastinate. 

Sano Akira’s “Bear Glittering” is featured in the “Hard Bodies: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer Sculpture" exhibit at The Ringling's Searing Wing, beginning Oct. 15.

The Ringling

“Hard Bodies: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer Sculpture.” Lacquer is an all-natural polymer. East Asian artists have created with it since Neolithic times, and Western minds tend to file their work in the “traditional Asian art” folder. This traveling exhibit from the Minneapolis Institute of Art shatters that cliché. It features 16 contemporary Japanese artists playing post-modern tricks with this ancient medium. You’ll see 30 lacquer sculptures – and you’ve never seen anything like it. Human and animal figures melt into jet-black, abstract blobs. Lifelike snails crawl up stylized vases. A glittering, bejeweled idol depicts a cute, cartoony bear. It’s the art of untamed imagination. That’s all you’ll see here. With no traditions in sight. Oct. 15-Jan. 21; Museum of Art, Searing Wing. 5401 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota; 359-5700;