Woody Harrelson film ‘Champions’ includes Burlington actor

Casey Metcalfe of Burlington wished to audition for a purpose in “Champions,” a motion picture about a basketball team consisting of players with mental disabilities.

The trouble was, his relatives had only just gotten rid of its very long-neglected sports devices a week before, and the audition video was due practically straight away. Needing one thing vaguely resembling a basketball, he improvised with the closest factor to a spherical-ish, orange-y item that he could discover at the Brattleboro house wherever he grew up and wherever his moms and dads continue to are living.

He picked up a reside chicken. A hen named Cackle.

“Let’s just pretend that Cackle is a basketball,” Metcalfe, who has autism, explained in the video clip as he recited strains and paraded with Cackle under his arm up and down the driveway. He built ample of an effect with producers that he was named again for extra digital auditions, vying with about 1,000 some others for 10 or so places in the movie.