Taylor Swift’s “All As well Well” New music Video clip Is All the things Admirers Could Want

From the beginning, enthusiasts speculated that the ballad was about Jake Gyllenhaal, whom Swift dated for 3 months beginning in Oct 2010, when he was 29 heading on 30, and she was 20 going on 21. (Her 21st birthday, when her boyfriend is a no-exhibit, is the crux of an additional Purple keep track of, “The Instant I Knew,” and is referenced in the new model of “All Far too Very well.”)

There are two important parts of evidence tying the actor to this mythical song. 1st, in the paparazzi shots of Jake and Taylor heading to his sister Maggie’s home in Brooklyn, Taylor is carrying a striped scarf. “All Much too Well” is held with each other by first Taylor leaving the scarf at her paramour’s sister’s household, and then claimed paramour keeping on to it. 2nd, Swift is recognized for leaving hidden messages in her album’s notes—specifically, irregularly capitalized letters in the lyrics of each and every tune that spell out messages. The just one for “All As well Properly,” was “MAPLE LATTES,” which Jake and Taylor have been claimed to have on their walk to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s residence. (For what it is worthy of, Maggie instructed Andy Cohen that, even though all people asks, she has no recollection of the scarf.)

When she introduced that Pink (Taylor’s Edition) would be coming, Swift hinted that 1 of the tracks would be 10 minutes prolonged. Naturally, the followers went wild. “All Way too Well” is a ideal breakup ballad, achingly sentimental and with 1 of Swift’s trademark music-generating bridges holding it all collectively. Surrounded by my fellow Swift fans, it occurred to me that this trilogy—which designed coupled-up men and women like me and Cameron briefly (and jokingly) lengthy for the gut punch of a breakup—felt like a reward from Swift to all her lovesick enthusiasts, past or present, and authorization to wallow.

Now on to Swift’s directorial debut: The quick stars Sadie Sink, 19, as “her” and Dylan O’Brien, 30, as “him.” (Did you observe a sample in their ages? Swift’s admirers sure did.) Immediately after lingering on a quote from Pablo Neruda, “Love is so brief, forgetting is so extended,” we open up on a stunning autumnal road. Sink and O’Brien at the commencing of their connection, strolling into a cottage in the forest where Sink hangs up a pink scarf. They montage by means of satisfied-pair routines: actively playing a card game, kissing in the forest, spontaneous piggy-backing. Then, portion 2, titled “The Initial Break in the Glass.” O’Brien is web hosting a supper occasion the place Sink is obviously not comfortable. He drops her hand at evening meal in front of his refined, artsy mates. A combat ensues. Later, they split up. The film ends with a flash-forward to 13 decades in the long run. Sink is now Swift, looking at an excerpt of her initially novel All Also Very well to a crowd of crying ladies. The digicam goes outside, and we see O’Brien, putting on the red scarf Sink still left at their cabin upstate. Fin.