Things To Do on a Rainy Day

If you’ve ever had your plans ruined by a rainy day, you can relate to the frustration and disappointment many people feel when this happens. Luckily, a bit of rainy weather does not have to ruin the rest of your day. 

While your initial plans may need to be rescheduled, there are plenty of fun activities to substitute into your plans for the day.

See a Movie

One of the most popular rainy day activities is a trip to the movie theatre. You can most often find matinee pricing and even daily specials on snacks making your trip to see the newest release a great option. If you’re feeling spontaneous, show up without looking at the showtimes beforehand and purchase tickets to see whichever movie is next available; you could end up loving a movie you wouldn’t have otherwise chosen to see.

Visit a Museum

A trip to a museum Terre Haute IN Is another great option for a rainy day. Many towns have local history museums, which offer you the chance to learn a bit more about where you live. If town history isn’t your thing, try finding a museum nearby that offers exhibits that interest you such as art, historical events or interactive displays. If you have children with you for the day, try finding a museum that offers scavenger hunts or other kid-friendly activities or events.

Do Arts & Crafts

If you are feeling creative, a trip to your local craft store would be a great place to start your day. Pick up materials for a hobby you already enjoy or pick up what you need to try a new craft. A lot of locations offer classes to learn a new skill so be sure to check those out if they are offered at your store.

So, the next time your plans get rescheduled as a result of a rainy day, be sure to give one of these rainy day activities a try.