Twice Scores The No. 1 Music Video In The World With ‘The Feels’

After three turns in a row commanding the No. 1 spot on YouTube’s weekly ranking of the most-viewed music videos in the world, Blackpink’s Lisa takes a break from running the show. A new clip debuts in the top spot on the important and competitive chart, and it’s another act known primarily for their work in the K-pop space.

South Korean girl group Twice debuts their new music video for just-released single “The Feels” at No. 1 on YouTube’s ranking of the most-watched music videos in the world this week. The upload, labeled “The Stereotypes Remix,” launches ahead of every other cut, but it doesn’t win the week by much. The colorful post racked up 36.3 million plays in its first full frame of availability.

“The Feels” replaces Blackpink member Lisa at No. 1 on the weekly chart, though the singer and rapper doesn’t drift very far from the highest space. The talented performer dips to No. 2 with her “Money” performance video, and the visual only missed out on earning another frame atop the tally by under one million views. “Money” was viewed 35.5 million times in the past tracking period.

Lisa reached No. 1 as a solo act on YouTube’s global ranking of the most popular music videos three weeks ago, arriving in the penthouse for the first time without her bandmates. The musician (who is largely known for her work in the K-pop space, though she’s actually from Thailand) first conquered the list with her “Lalisa” music video, which ruled for two consecutive turns. Then, just last week, she swapped one winner for another as “Money” vaulted more than 30 spots to run the show, while “Lalisa” held on inside the top 10. This week, they’re both still present inside the highest tier once more.

Twice is one of the most successful girl groups in South Korean history, and the band has been making an international impact for a while now, reaching charts in countries like the U.K. and the U.S. “The Feels” marks their first proper English single launch, as the tune isn’t translated from a previous smash the outfit released, but was created to reach native English speakers from the get-go. While they may be known primarily for their K-pop hits, it looks like Twice is now becoming a global phenom that can manage big wins no matter what language they perform in.

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